Music and sounds have been a huge part of my life for over 20 years. In 1996 I studied Sound Engineering at Musikhögskolan, Gothenburg. For me music and sound effects are a natural part of any interactive project. Music is my hobby but the music I've produced has ended up featuring in various projects.
REFUGE | 2013
As Carbon Based Lifeforms me and Johannes Hedberg scored the movie Refuge. Refuge is a suspense-thriller in the Post-Apocalyptic Genre. Set in the rural South, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, the film follows a family struggling to survive in the wake of a great catastrophic event. The family is comprised of a mother, father, a daughter, an older neighbor and an injured young man they've taken in, whose intentions become more uncertain as the story progresses.
Carbon Based Lifeforms track "Abiogenesis" was used a s soundtrack in an commercial for HFAB. The commercial was shown in cinemas and online
Carbon Based Lifeforms created a unique live performance together with Cosmonova's Astronomer/Program Producer Tom Callen. A 45 minute music mix was visualized on the 760 m² IMAX® Dome whislt we were in front of it playing extra layers live with synths and an electric guitar. The first show was sold out so an extra show was added, which was also extremely popular.
PONG and CP+B made a unique live banner featuring Peter Walbeck. People watching the banner could load up their own picture and see it just a minute later with Peter commenting on it. A very complex system was behind it all and I made the picture editor and the sound editor. I also ran the sound station for the one hour during which we were live.
Thermostatic won Best Newcomer at the Swedish Alternative Music Awards that year . Our debuu album, ‘Joy Toy’, was nominated for ‘Best Album’ at SAMA and we were also nominated for ‘Best Electronica/synth band’ at Manifestgalan.